Monday | 20 March 2023 | 28 Shabaan 1444
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Question ID: 1433 Category: Interpretation of Dreams
Fatiha surah dream

i had a few dreams where I was reciting fatiha surah quite clearly. In one, I was facing a foggy mirror. In the other I was in the dark but there some lights seen in the background. 

I saw a dictionary interpretation for this dream in Turkish and it said I would marry a few women. I am unable to practice polygamy due to the culture in which I live and my personality. I feared this would mean I would have multiple divorces or my wives would die in a serious of deaths. I prefer the latter over the former because I prefer separation through them crossing to the afterlife over us arguing constantly because I grew up in a family with a history of turmoil. 

But even the latter scares me, as I have experienced loss in my life and even with Islamic knowledge and prayer it is hard to cope. 



بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Interpretation of dreams is an independent knowledge and a special science. Therefore, it is not appropriate for everyman to come up with an interpretation. if you see a dream, consult a specialized interpreter instead of construing it on your own.

The recitation of Surah “Al-Fatihah” in a dream is excellent. It indicates that Allah (SWT) will In Shaa Allah open the doors of goodness for you.

Other dreams indicate that you need to change your attitude of ego and pride. Get rid of arrogance and conceit and become humble. "In Shaa Allah", Allah will open the ways of success for you.

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب