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Question ID: 1667 Category: Zabiha and Hunting
List of Halal Certifiers in the US


Do you have a list of halal certification companies that requires hand-slaughtered under their certification criteria?

I have looked into one called Halal Food Council USA, and it appears that they allow for machine slaughtered in their criteria, so I not longer trust any halal certifications.


Walaikumassalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

We cannot comment on the standards and policies of any other certifier and we do not have such a list of certifiers as inquired in your question. We suggest that you reach out to the certifier(s) directly to get details of their standards and policies in writing. For reviewing our standards and policies please review the details listed on under the Halal Zabiha section or by visiting  

In addition, review our database of questions by using the search functionality on our website to review existing questions and answers about impermissibility of machine slaughter, ruling about meats and poultry slaughtered by ahlay-kitab etc.