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Haiz and Paaki

Respected Ulama:
I am 16 years old and I've been having haiz problems since I first got haiz at 12. The doctors said it is normal since most people get irregular in the beginning and then later on it gets normal.
I don't know my aadat because of the mas'la in itself being so پیچیدہ.  I am going to write everything that happened since March 14, 2018 until now, April 6, 2019. (I am writing about March 14 because that is when I had more than 15 days of full paaki, so a new haiz and paaki 'aadat starts from there)
I ask for forgiveness for writing so much, but I am really confused and do not know when to shower because I don't know my 'aadat.

Sometimes towards the end of my haiz, I get yellow haiz-like substance, and sometimes yellow "white discharge"-like substance (this is the sticky thick substance like slime). These come inside haiz days and out of haiz days.
Sometimes out of haiz days I get a yellow substance unlike the above two mentioned. It comes on my liner and has tiny dust/hair kind of things (it doesnt come out in that form I think.. I think the dust/tiny hair come after) sometimes this substance has odor.

Start: March 14, 2018
End: March 22, 2018
Start: June 15, 2018
End: June 21, 2018
*Thursday, June 28, 2018 (yellow- one of the first two)
Start: July 18, 2018
End July 27, 2018
*August 1, 2018 (yellow- one of the first two)
Start: August 22, 2018 around 5:30 AM
End: September 1, 2018 around 10 AM
*September 5 (yellow- one of the first two  قسمیں)
*September 19, 2018 (kind of yellow peach)

Please tell me my haiz aadat and paaki aadat and everything I need to know in this mas'la.
جزاك الله خيرا كثيرا
May allah reward you in every لمحہ you use to solve this mas'la. Ameen

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

The minimum 15 days of purification are not complete in between any of the two menstrual periods detailed in the question inquired about rather the duration of purification is less in between two menstrual bleedings. There are different views of the Scholars in this regard. Those are all related by Imam Abu Hanifah R.A. The easier one for the women to understand is related by Imam Abu Yusuf R.A. The Fatwa is also based on his statement, i.e. if the duration of purification is less than 15 days in between two menstrual bleedings then in this situation if the woman is مبتدیہ (Mubtadiyah)  that she has recently started having periods then she should count first ten days of her menstrual bleeding to be her days of menstruation and the rest the days of استحاضہ (Istihadah). If the woman is معتادہ (Muatadah) that her number of habitual monthly menstrual days are fixed then in this situation based on her habit her days of uncleanliness will be counted as حیض (menstruation) and uncleanliness and the rest would be استحاضہ (Istihadah).

فالاصل عند ابی یوسف رح  ان الطہر متخلل بین الدمین اذا کان اقل من خمسۃ عشر یوما لا یصیرفاصلا بل یجعل کالدم المتوالی لانہ لا یصلح للفصل بین الحیضتین فلا یصلح للفصل بین الدمین، و ان کان خمسۃ عشر یوماً فصا عدا ًیکون فاصلاً

(فتاوٰی قاسمیہ ج 8، ص 243)

Hence, in the situation where the purification days in between two menstrual periods are less than 15 days it would be easier for you to consider your habitual number of menstrual days as حیض (menstruation) and the rest to be استحاضہ (Istihadah).

والاخذ بہذا لقول ای قول ابی یوسف ایسر یعنی للمفتی والمستفتی

(فتاوٰی قاسمیہ ج 8، ص 246)

واللہ اعلم  بالصواب