Saturday | 28 January 2023 | 6 Rajab 1444
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Asalamualaikum Hazrat.

Firstly, please allow me to express my heart felt apologies. Believe me when I say, I am not asking questions, or following up on original just for academic reasons- no!
I am an ordinary Muslim who is trying desperately to chink away at my past sins! Given the sensitive nature of slandering, I wanted to be 100%.
You said if one is not able to seek pardon from someone for gheebat, then one should give them their good deeds, and seek forgiveness on their behalf to Allah, but with slander one must keep persisting? Your answer if taken literally implies one should ignore the level of risk, and take a leap of faith that all will be fine when one has confessed and seeked forgiveness. In my case, we’re talking typical desi politics that could lead to any sort of calamities. 
You not need to answer my question, but I thought it was necessary to explain in some detail, why I personally felt the need to clarify if giving one their good deeds, and seeking forgiveness for them would be sufficient.
In future, I will structure my questions in a way, where no further follow will be required. I apologise once more for any inconvenience I caused.
Unfortunately at the age of 34; married with 2 kids, it’s difficult to enrol to a madrasah. In my local city there is much politics in our mosques, and no local madrasah/Darul Uloom.

الجواب وبالله التوفيق

When the desire to achieve something is true then the person gives sacrifice of their time, money and relationships for that achievement. Therefore, such individuals who have the true desire to attain the knowledge of deen, then even the age of 60, with more than 2 children and work during weekdays does not stop them from coming to the madrasah on the weekend to seek ilm-e-deen. There are other such individuals who do not have access to a madrasah in their locality, but this does not stop them from enrolling in online madaris and academies to seek the formal education of deen. Since they do have the true desire, it makes them perform these sacrifices. However, if the individual does not want or desire by themselves, then there are a thousand excuses in not pursuing something.

If an individual does not stop going to the mosque due to politics, then this politics cannot be considered as an excuse in gaining ilm-e-deen from the local ulamah kiram. However, if someone does not go to the mosque due to the politics, then that is a matter full of distress and sorrow.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب