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Advice and Consulting

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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 14571/13/2022

    Soft Toys and Stuffed Animal Business
    Assalaamu Alaikum, What is the Islamic ruling on the business of soft toys especially octopus, teddy bears, birds, stuffed animals, plushies, etc? Is it completely haraam or Makruh? Please also elaborate what will be consequences separately if it...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 145512/5/2021

    Converting a non-Muslim into a Muslim and marrying a Muslim boy
    Assalam o Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, We wanted to know what are the Shariah rules are for: Converting a non-Muslim girl to Muslim Name change to a Muslim name (father was non-Muslim and has passed away) Once converted to Muslim,...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 144212/3/2021

    Old Islamic Cassettes
    Asalamualaikum, We have old islamic lecture video and audio cassettes that the person talking in them mentions Allah and Muhammed SAW name and Quranic ayaahs. No one really uses cassette players any more and they don't come in cars either. What...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 140810/29/2021

    Is Yoga Halal?
    As salaam alaikum wr wb, My wife is looking to join a yoga class in order to exercise and stay in shape. These classes are women only, lead by Muslims in a Muslim gym. However we have heard that Yoga is not halal due to its ties to Hindu...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 13739/4/2021

    Islamic Finance
    Selam, we have launched a cryptocurrency ( Caizcoin) from Germany which has been tried to be compliant with Islamic financial standards. The coins have been backed by gold and physical assets and the coins have been made usable, transferable,...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 13417/24/2021

    Amend relationships
    There has been a misunderstanding between families, and my mom's feelings were hurt. I am trying to amend the families and ammi does not want to talk to the person because the person is younger and is saying that she should reach out, but does not...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 13287/22/2021

    Pardah from male servants who reside at home with us
    If a male servants live at home all the time.How much pardah from him in the light of this verse in which quran says that women can go infront of those male servants who lack sexual desire or subordinate to them Jazakallah
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 13158/24/2021

    Name Meaning
    السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاُتہ ااہبان نام کے کیا معنی ہے ؟ کیا یہ کسی صحابی کا نام ہے؟ اور اسکو کیسے ادا کیا جاتا ہے؟ جزاک اللہ خیرا
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 12753/18/2021

    Guidance for women for working
    Assalam alaikum, My sisters are almost done with their graduation. Just want to know as per sharia if they can work? If yes, which field they can work in if permissible and where they cannot? And guidence while working. please provide reference....
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 12593/17/2021

    Husband’s Sickness
    Assalam o Alaikum I live in Edmonton CA I wanted to ask about my husband. He is going through a problem as he cannot sleep during night . According to him he feels ghabrat and bechaini and is very uncomfortable. He just lays down for like 5...