Tuesday | 02 June 2020 | 10 Shawaal 1441
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 87011/22/2019

    Need your urgent advice. Please help. I need to ask you question regarding Talaq:First incidence: Wife was pregnant. We had a fight. I divorced her 3 times to threaten her without intention of talaq. She said talaq nahi hui because you have to...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 86411/22/2019

    Wife Seeking Divorce
    Salam o alkium Mufti sahib my wife is demanding Divorce , we have 2 daughter age 20 and 14 and boy 22years of age we have been married 23 years she keep brining the past things that happened 20 years ago and wont let go, I do not drink smoke and...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 85911/22/2019

    Islamic Loan
    Assalmualikum. Can I have a list of banks who gives us right Islamic interest free home purchasing mortgage?
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 85811/22/2019

    Islamic Loan
    Assalmualikum, I am from Lahore Pakistan. I came in USA 17 months before and I have 16 months job experience. My Question is that I want to purchase home through Islamic banking. These Islamic banks are not giving me loan. They...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 85511/21/2019

    Marriage Dispute
    Dear SirAslamulaikum.We got married one year ago, my father past away just before my marriage. After my father's death I was in depression for a while, during that time I did many bad thing. I told my sister in law that I love her. I had physical...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 85111/20/2019

    a sheikh, i have lived a life of disobeidnce... I wish to make tubah and repent and change my life i have read that half of imaan is to get married and i am in dire need of guidence...I live with a non muslim woman who wishes to convert to islam...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 84811/19/2019

    Divorce and Method of Halalah
    As'salaam Walaikum, I had asked a question regarding a divorce situation and you had emailed me back a document that stated the husband and wife were haram for each other until they completed sharia halalah. My question is, what is sharia...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 84611/19/2019

    As-salamu aliekum, I have a question regarding a fasakh (annulment) issue. A woman had a difficulty in her marriage. There was a total breakdown in the marriage and the husband was harming her physically so she requested divorce from him but...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 83011/19/2019

    Nikah Marriage
    A/W. If there is only two witnesses one male or one female in Nikah, it is valid or not in Islamic sharia? If there in no Qadi/Moulvi in the Nikah only one male and one female witnesses, it is valid nikah or not? The date of Talaq is 04.10...
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    Business DealingsQue.ID 82711/19/2019

    Mortgage with Devon Bank UIF and Guidance
    Assalamualaikum, Does Devon Bank residential mortgage follow shariah guidelines? What about UIF (University Islamic Financial) or Guidance or La Riba? Do they follow shariah guidelines? Please let me know if you have any other...