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Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)

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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 16837/15/2023

    Ruling on wearing a Taweez
    ASalamoalaikum I have a question about wearing a Taweez. Recently I have read a Hadith about wearing a taweez and how it is shirk if you wear one. I am wearing due to some black magic performed on me. But A Moulana gave me this taweez to wear. I...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 16327/22/2023

    Difficulties facing
    assalamu alaikum, A. My parents wants me to pass-clear some proficient exam, I try one time and it was so challenging that I didn't cleared it. Should I leave by believe that allah is stopping me Or preventing me from something bad? Verily allah...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15903/6/2022

    Dua for job
    assalamualaikum, I requested mufti naval ur rahman sahab damatbarakatuhum to provide any wazifa or dua for getting good job, he asked to get the dua from sharia board website. Please share that dua. Jazakallahu khair, Syed Fasiuddin Ahmed...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15742/17/2022

    Daughters marriage
    Asalamualikum, I am worried about my daughter's marriage. We have been seeking proposals since 3 years but nothing is working out or going forward. Sometimes the proposal goes to second step and we think it will work out but it doesn't go further...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15672/17/2022

    Dua For Job
    Dua For Better Job
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15363/8/2022

    Assalamualaikum. Im 26 years old. Me and my family want to get married. But whenever I get a proposal. I start feeling uneasy and act up without thinking because of that i hurt my fmaily. After breaking I feel better. Till now i broke 1...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15353/8/2022

    Wazeefa for Halal Job
    AssalaamuAlaikum Mufti sab, Kindly may I know Dua for Halsall Job and wazeefa
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15182/1/2022

    Assalamualikum, I am a stay at home mom of three kids. I have been in a emotional and abusive relationship. This year my husband went back home and got engaged saying that he needs a wife to take care of his mom. my mother in law does'nt want to...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 15091/25/2022

    Assalam o alikum. I am a student with a golden past but a destroyed future. Everything was going well, i always toped the school, won competitions got selected to the most selective college. My family was happy and above all my connection with...
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    Ilaj Bil-Quran (Amaliyat)Que.ID 13357/23/2021

    advice regarding sickness
    ASAlaikum I am suffering from ulcers in the stomach I would like your advice regarding what therapies and duas did our Prophet Muhammad use for help with sickness and cure of disease