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    PurificationQue.ID 17957/27/2023

    Fasting in irregular cycles
    asalam u alaikum.. my question is regarding prayers and fasting during irregular cycles.. i had no periods after 40 days of birth of my children on 9th august due to birth control intrauterine device.. now on 19 feb i had spotting til 17 of march...
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    PurificationQue.ID 179110/11/2023

    Worried about my daughter
    Assalamu Alykum, My 9 yrs old daughter got her period this February for 3 days then till now she get none. She started fasting this Ramadan and trying her best to not break her day Alhamdulilah but I noticed she is so weak not eating much no...
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    PurificationQue.ID 17322/6/2023

    Wet Dream
    Assalamo Alaykum, I am patient of fractured bone. I can't walk to do gusl, so cleaned using water below waist. Is this permissible? Also notify me whether to do wudhu for zikr.
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    PurificationQue.ID 171311/7/2023

    Can a woman be a caretaker for a disabled non-mahram?
    Assalamualaikum wrwb, Can a woman be a caretaker of a autistic and disabled non-mahram relative if there are no other options? There are no other caretakers for him and she's the only one there to help clean him which causes many akward...
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    PurificationQue.ID 17107/14/2023

    Irregular bleeding due to coil
    Hayd question I have been experiencing irregular bleeding for several months now. It started after I had an IUD placed a few months after I had my third baby. It was like a light period for about one month and then it reduced to intermittent, but...
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    PurificationQue.ID 15222/9/2022

    Doubts about urine drops
    Assalamualaikum... I'm a patient of ocd... .i have a bad habit of masturbation... a few days before i masturbated(i regret that) and then after 30 min i urinated and then went for bathing when i was bathing i had a sensation and feeling in my...
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    PurificationQue.ID 15192/1/2022

    Regarding Menstrual bleeding
    Assalamalaikum I had my last period was from October 28 to November 1.Now I am confused because I started to have spotting from November 27th. It is just spotting or some yellowish discharge and not the regular bleeding which I used to have every...
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    PurificationQue.ID 14222/6/2023

    Menstruation question
    Assalamualaikum. My question is regarding menstruation. For ease of understanding I've divided my periods in 3 stages Stage 1: Spotting for 2-3 days Every month before my period starts, I see spotting for 2 or 3 days. I see this only when using...
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    PurificationQue.ID 14132/6/2023

    Inquires regarding Impurities
    Kindly Provide me the answers to these questions according to the Hanafi School of Thought Does water that is used to wash the impure body part become najis (Impure)? Does the water that is used to wash the impurity from the floor, carpet or...
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    PurificationQue.ID 13267/21/2021

    insulin injection will it nulify wudu
    Assalamu alaikum respected Mufti Sahib my mother takes insulin injections and sometimes there is no blood after she takes it. Does that break her wudu?