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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 2881/30/2019

    Pizza Vapors mixing
    Assalaamualaikum, We have few pizza chains (Papa John's, Dominos, and Pizza Hut) that are owned by Muslims. What I would like to understand what is the Islamic ruling in regards to cross contamination that may be present during the preparation of...
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    WorshipQue.ID 2871/30/2019

    Difference between Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr
    Assalaamualaikum, What is the different between zakat and zakat ul-fitr?
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    MiscellaneousQue.ID 2851/30/2019

    Dream Interpretation
    Assalaamualaikum, I recently saw a dream where I was in atoilet and there was alot of stool. Someone came in and cleaned all of it with water then I came out. Also some time back I had a similar dream where the bathroom was in bad condition then...
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    WorshipQue.ID 2841/30/2019

    Breaking of fast before Iftaar time due to the wrong Adhaan
    Assalamualaikum, During one of the days of fasting of Ramadhan, as usual,people were sitting in the inside rooms of the Masjidto break the fast.As the iftar time approached, Adhaanwas heard and most of the people including me made thedu'aa and ate...
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    MiscellaneousQue.ID 2821/30/2019

    Can we delete islamic emails to put them in the Trash folder
    Assalaamualaikum, I get a lot of emails from Islamicorganizations which include Islamicnames and contents from Quran and Hadith. The email program I use is called ThunderBird. It has folders named like Inbox, Sent andTrash. Each time I delete an...
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    Social MattersQue.ID 2811/30/2019

    Maan ko Manaana
    Meri apniMaan (Mother) se kisi baat pe behes ho gai aur phir badtameezi karte hoye ye jumla nikal giya ke "Ammi pata nahi aap kab sudhren gee". Mujhe ahsaas ho giya he ke ye jumlah apni maa se badzabani aur badtameezi ke zumre me aata he. Me Allah...
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    WorshipQue.ID 2801/30/2019

    Tent in Mina Outside Mina
    Assalaamu'alaikum, I am working in Saudi Arabia and Alhamdulillah I have done Hajj 2 years back. Here there are 3 categories in Hajj registration form. 1. Normal Fare 2. Low Cost 3. Mayasur. For Normal Fare, it is around (6000SAR and above) For...
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    WorshipQue.ID 2791/30/2019

    Gap between Sunnat and Farz prayers
    Assalaamu'alaikum, Due to some inconvenience at work, I go home during lunch time and make Wudu. I then offer 4 rak'aat Sunnat (Zuhr Prayer) at home and then arrive at the office. Then with another colleague, I offer Farz prayers by making Jamat...
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    Social MattersQue.ID 2781/30/2019

    Is Alizah an Islamic name?
    Assalaamualaikum, I have a newborn baby girl and I wanted to keep her name Syeda Alizah. Just wanted to confirm that Alizah is an Islamicname. Is it permissible in Islam to keep this name? Kindly reply.
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    WorshipQue.ID 2751/30/2019

    Correct Method of Namaz-e-Janaza
    Assalaamualaikum, Please explain what are the steps in performing Nama-e-Janazah. Some people raise their heads after each takbeer and some don't. Also please state if keeping odd number of rows during this prayer is mandatory or not. Jazakallah...