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Question ID: 1249 Category: Marriage and Divorce

One morning wife started arguing to me using very rough and disreputable. Then I called my father on the phone. " salaam dad. I don't like her anymore and I want speration with her." my father said " why don't you talk to your mother-in-law about her " then he's hang up on me.  About ten or fifteen minutes later my cousin arrived to my house. At the same time my wife aunty and husband arrived to my house as well too. While I was trying to explain the problem why my wife and I arguing . At that moment I was very up-set to my wife. My wife start yelling at me very loud voice . " I don't want you in my life " my wife was  uncontrollable. I was very extremely mad and angry. While my wife yelling. I said " I am going to devorice you" then she said " I don't care, I don't like you, I hate you and I am the same way as you" then ... My cousin said to my wife " stop it . " but she can't anymore. She started telling everything including husband and wife love-make. She said " I ( husband ) didn't take shower right after that." I was very shameful and shy. It make me more angry. Then I said it to her " i am giving you talaq...... My Nikāh is Haram on you ." right after that I did used my wife mother name to give talaq. Then I said do " what you got to do " I was still mad and walk away from the meeting.. Went to our bedroom. At that time I was very shock and depressed. But Mufi Sad ... All of these incident were made because of my anger. Right after thar, my cousin making a phone call my father " uncle, Mansoor had gave talaq to S Jay " my father said Okay. Then suddenly, my mother in law calling to my wife phone. My wife answered the phone then My cousin said to my mother in Law. " Mansoor gave talaq to S Jay " I heard everything from my bedroom. Mufi Sab, base on my matter and situation " would you please give me decisions of my talaq In Shariah. Right we both are very regrets and depression. 

In the case in question, three (3) divorces have already taken place on the wife and now the husband and wife are not permissible for each other without dissolution (Halalah).

وان کان الطلاق ثلاثا فی الحر ۃ الخ لم تحل لہ حتی تنکح زوجا غیرہ نکاحا صحیحا ویدخل بھاتم یطلقھا اویموت عنھا۔

فقط واللہ تعالیٰ اعلم بالصواب