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Question ID: 1861 Category: Hajj

I have couple of questions about Umrah:

  1. If a woman goes for Umrah and does niyyat at Meeqat but she has haidh before performing Tawaf and she cannot stay for Umrah due to travel issues, what should she do?
  2. If a woman has haidh while going for Umrah and she knows that she will not be able perform tawaf due to travel restrictions, should she do Niyyat at meeqat.

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

In this case, if a woman wears Ihram with the intention of Umrah while already in the state of menstruation or starts menstruating just after wearing Ihram; in either case, after arriving in Makkah, she should neither pray nor make “Tawaf” until her menstruation has ended.  Upon start of her purity period, she needs to take a bath and perform her Umrah.  No expiation (slaughtering a goat or lamb) will be required.

If her periods don’t end by the time her travel back home is due, and there is no way to extend her stay in Makkah to perform Umrah in her state of purity, because of travel and other constraints, then under such compulsion, she can perform Umrah during her menstruation, but it will be compulsory (Wajib) on her to expiate this sin by sacrificing a goat or lamb in the Haram area itself (not outside the Haram area).

Note: If the menstruating woman embarks on Umrah journey, after performing her bodily cleaning and “Ghusl” she should make her intention for Umrah and recite “Talbiyah”. With that, her state of Ihram will commence.

It should be noted that only one Tawaf is required in the acts of Umrah. Other than that, the “Tawaf-e-Qadoom” or “Tawaf-e-Widaa” are performed in Hajj-e-Ifraad” or Hajj-e-Qiraan” but not in Umrah. 

ولیس لھا طواف  القدوم ولا بعدھا طواف  الصدر۔(غنیۃ الناسک ۔ کتاب المسائل  جلد ۳ ؍۴۱۹)

ومن شاء الاحرام ... توضأ وغسلہ أحب وھو للنظافۃ لا للطھارۃ فیجب فی حق حائض و نفساء ۱ھ۔ (مستفاد: فتاویٰ بنوریہ ٹاؤن۔ نیز: کتاب المسائل: ۳؍۳۹۴)

ومن شاء الاحرام ... توضأ وغسلہ أحب وھو للنظافۃ لا للطھارۃ فیجب فی حق حائض و نفساء اھ (الدر المختار مع رد المحتار: ۳؍۴۸۶)

ولو طاف للعمرۃ جنبا اور محدثا فعلیہ دم اھ ای ولوطاف للعمرۃ کلہ اواکثرہ اواقلہ ولو دو شوطا جنبا او حائضا او تقساء او محدثا فعلیہ شاۃ۔ لافرق بین القلیل والکثیر والجنب والمحدث ،لانہ لا مدخل فی طواف العمرۃ للبدنہ ولا للصدقۃ اھ (الدرالمختار مع ردالمحتار: ۳؍۵۸۲)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب

مفتی محمد ثناء اللہ قاسمی

مفتی محمد رئیس منہاج الدین قاسمی

مفتی محمد عطاء الرحمن ساجد