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Question ID: 1452 Category: Marriage and Divorce
Question ID: 1452 Category: Marriage and Divorce
Khawand aur biwi main 4 months sy zyada doori Ka hukm

Mere miyyan bairon mulk job k silsly main mere saath rehty hain unho ny wapis apny mulk aa kr apny ghr walon sy mere baary shikayat ki k ye ghr k kaam kaaj main susti krti hai aur aap logon ki shikayat mujh sy krti hai Jo k unk ghr Walon ki taraf sy mere saath zyadti Ka muamla hua hota unk iss shikway pr unk  ghr Walon ny faisla Kiya k ye ab shohr k saath nahi rahy gi jb k main kaii baar apny shohr sy aur unki walda sy muafi maang chuki k ainda mujh sy koi shikayat na ho gi aisa matt krain mgr shohr aur unk ghr waly aisa krny pr bazidd hain main ye jaanna chahti hn jb biwi apny rawaiyye ki muafi maang chuki aur ainda aisa na krny Ka wada kr chuki tou kya shariyat shohr ko ya uski walda ko ye ikhtiyar daiti hai k biwi ki ijazat k baghair shohr us sy saari Zindagi k liye doori ikhtiyar kr ly aur ussy uss k maa  baap k ghr hamaisha hamaisha k liye chorh kr chala jye kya iss tarz e Amal pr shohr aur ussk maa baap Allah k Haan jawab dy  nahi hn gy

aur agr shohr k ghr waly biwi k saath waqayatan zyadti Ka muamla rkhty hn aur biwi agr shohr sy shikayat kry tou shohr hamaisha ghr walon Ka saath dy kyun k Islam main maa Ka haq zyada hai tou kya biwi pr maa sy zyadti krwany aur zyadti main maa Ka saath dainy pr shohr sy aakhirat main koi hisab kitab nahi ho ga kya Islam ye ijazat daita hai k agr maa baap zyadti  bhi krain tou zulm aur zyadti main bhi unka saath do aur jis k saath zyadti ho rahi huo agr Allah ny uss shaks ko tumhara mateht banaya hai tou ussy apny uppr honton ko see kr zyadti  sehny pr majboor kro

Rahnumai farm4ayn

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

الجواب وباللہ التوفیق:  

  First of all, try not give your husband a chance for him to complain, obey him, and take care of his needs. Now that a mistake has been made and you have apologized and have promised to be careful in the future, they should forgive you, and you two should now be back on track for a happy married life. Do not end the married life because ending that relationship is not pleasing to Allah. The most disliked thing in the sight of Allah is divorce 

There are conspiracies and attempts of demons to end a marriage, which impacts not only two people but two entire families. Then there is an endless series of hatred and animosity between them. So, this important relationship should be maintained as best as possible, and its  breakup must be avoided

  Those who committed excesses will be held accountable before Allah 

 If you have really been wronged, then obviously it is not permissible. It is also not permissible to take side of the oppressor in their oppression. Also, not allowed is to force someone to endure ill treatment and abuse. Such an action will be severely punished by Allah 

The husband should act with restraint and sanity and be concerned about his wife's rights and her well-being. However, it should be kept in mind that private conversations of both spouses are considered secrets, and it is not right to mention anything about that to anyone else without the permission of one of them. It can lead to strife and discord, ruin relationships, so avoid making complaints and accusations 

If there is no reconciliation possible, try to involve sagacious elders in the family to help resolve those issues, but if all that fails, then a     (دار القضاء) reach out to the judiciary           


فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب