Monday | 02 October 2023 | 16 Rabiul-Awal 1445
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Question ID: 1821 Category: Zabiha and Hunting
Zabiha Halal

As salaam Alikum,

When we travel outside of the United States and it comes to zabiha halal food and we receive a recommendation from a local masjid in the respective country to an organization who certiies halal food, is an individual required to do any additional reasearch to satisfy ones own mind?

The question is not on the legimitacy of other certifying organzaition, but if an individual should do their own further research? In the end, we don't want to undermine what Muslim organzation do for Muslims, and would like to understand if the individual responsiblitiy remains. Thank you!


بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم

الجواب ومنہ الصواب

A place where absolutely nothing is known about the source of meat and whether it is halal or not, and it is also not possible to self-slaughter the animal, then the only option remains is to inquire trusted and pious Muslims in the area on the status of that meat.  By trusting their testimony about its authenticity, you can willingly eat that meat. However, in situations like these, fish meat is another good option if available in the market. 

But our observation and experience suggest that it is a common practice by grocery stores to cheat and lie in selling non-Shari’ah slaughtered meat by proclaiming it Shari’ah Halal. Through this disinformation, It gets consumed by Muslims. Therefore, unless confirmed by an authoritative institution or scrutinized through personal research about its spurious nature, such meat should be avoided. 

رجل اشتری من التاجر شیئا ھل یلزمہ السؤال أنہ حلال ام حرام قالوا ینظر ان کان فی بلد وزمان متکان الغالب فیہ ھو الحلال فی السواقھم لیس علی المشتری ان یسال انہ حلال ام حرام وبین الحکم  علی الظاہر وان کان الغالب ھو الحرام اوکان البائع وجلایبیع الحلال والحرام یحتاط  ویسال انہ حلال ام حرام (ھندیۃ فتاویٰ)

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب