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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 18418/20/2023

    Costco Halal Beef
    Assalamoalsikum. Is "halal Tri Tip Beef" available at Costco approved as halal? JazakAllah Khair. Moosa Mehter 206-245-8010 12555A Corliss Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 18408/22/2023

    Khula without husband's consent
    Assalamualikum, My name is Asma. I live in Chicago. I have sent Qula papers to my husband but he is not ready to sign. He lives in India. Is there a way where the Qula can be granted to me without husband's consent. What about Fasq-e-Nikah? (I...
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    AdhkaarQue.ID 18398/22/2023

    Who to make dua for first?
    When making dua, who should we make dua for first? For oneself or for parents? Is it true that a person should make dua for parents then for oneself or else the dua does not get accepted at all? Is this true?
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 18377/19/2023

    Haram and halal
    السلام علیکم اگر میں نے کسی کو حرام مال قرض کے طور پر دیا اور اس نے حلال رقم سے قرض واپس کر دیا تو کیا وہ میرے لیے حلال ہو جائے گا؟
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    KnowledgeQue.ID 18367/19/2023

    Best Books for Learning Sunnats
    I want to Practice each every Sunnat of beloved Prophet ﷺ. What are the Best Books for Learning about the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. can u please advise me that all Books, where I can find, learn and study the Complete Sunnah? (Either in Urdu or...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 183411/5/2023

    Assalamualikum nowadays drop shipping has become very famous, and I wanted to know if if drop shipping in Islam is permissible. The whole concept of drop shipping is that you do not sell anything that's yours so you don't have any product in...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 183210/25/2023

    Is optional insurance coverages like comprehensive coverage rather than just liability insurance required by law for a car, optional home insurance or flood insurance are allowed in Islam?
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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 183010/25/2023

    Husband has forsaken me and will not grant me talaq
    Salam Alaikum, I was recently married in January of this year. After moving in together I found out my husband was having emotional relationships with other women and including underage girls. He is also a drug trafficker and along with the...
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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 182910/16/2023

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.. برجاء التكرم بالإجابة على سؤالي هذا: طلقت زوجتي شفهيا ولفظ الطلاق بالانجليزية i divorce you. كنت في حالة من الغضب لم استطع تمالك نفسي فيها، وخرج اللفظ من غير أن اشعر به. هل لفظ الطلاق في هذه الحالة حقيقي ام...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 182810/16/2023

    Interpretation of Dream
    For many years, I have seen dreams in which I discover myself unclothed. Sometimes, in the dream, I am ashamed and bothered and try to cover myself, but the people around me don't seem to care. Last night I had a dream in which somehow, one by...