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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 145112/10/2021

    If a husband who resides with his wife abroad,due to some disagreement takes her back to the country of origin and leaves her with her parents, and states that you will now reside with your parents forever and I'll just keep on sending you living...
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    BeliefsQue.ID 145012/10/2021

    Need to Renew Eeman After Uttering a Statement of Kufr
    If a wife complains to her husband by stating something to the effect "Allah gives children to the ones who have no value for those children", will this statement lead to committing kufr? If yes, will the Nikah between the husband and wife be...
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    Zabiha and HuntingQue.ID 144812/10/2021

    Is "Delta Valley Halal Chicken" hand slaughtered halal zabiha? They are selling everywhere halal chicken breast nuggets and other products, i tried to find their web site or their company information online,but I could not find any company...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 144712/4/2021

    Seeing hairfall in dream
    assalamualaikum I am going to get married in 3-4 months Friday after praying fajr prayer I slept and in my dream I have seen that surrounding my pillow my head hairs were fallen and from my present beard only few beard hairs are left Please...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 14463/19/2023

    Was this a sign by Allah?
    Years ago, I had OCD obsession with regards to predicting who I would marry and possible hypersexuality due to a number of conditions. I prayed sincerely to Allah believing in his utmost oneness and omnipotence, and reminding myself of his power...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 144512/3/2021

    Job in Insurance company
    Assalam Alaikum I am seeking guideline in the light of Shariah. I have two questions: 1- Is it okay to do job with insurance company? 2-If working directly with insurance company is not okay then I have another question, is it okay to work...
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    Zabiha and HuntingQue.ID 144412/10/2021

    Status of Chicken from Crescent Foods
    Assalamulaikum, My name is Mohammed Akram, I live in Salt lake city Utah. The only zabiha halal chicken I get here is from crescent foods and that too on just 2-3 Walmart in a complete state. I have informed by few people from Illinois, that...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 144312/3/2021

    Distribution of heritage
    As salam alaikum. My parents had a house half of it my father paid and half was mother's tarka they sold that house and gave gold to three brothers and bought a piece of land while buying the land my father said that's for second oldest brother...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 144212/3/2021

    Old Islamic Cassettes
    Asalamualaikum, We have old islamic lecture video and audio cassettes that the person talking in them mentions Allah and Muhammed SAW name and Quranic ayaahs. No one really uses cassette players any more and they don't come in cars either. What...
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    Interpretation of DreamsQue.ID 144112/10/2021

    banana dream
    I was thinking the previous day of job changes within my grocery store, of moving to the deli, and who to marry, particularly one person from my youth to marry, and how to provide for her, but my sheikh told me to finish my studies and then get...