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    Marriage and DivorceQue.ID 12813/18/2021

    ASSALM O ALAIKUM Mufti SahabI have a question about my sister iddah ,Her husband has passed away last month 12/19/20 due to covod-19.She almost 60years old and living in the rent a appartment with her one son who studing and working part time.She...
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    Islamic MoralsQue.ID 12803/18/2021

    Women Clothing
    Assalamualaikum, I wanted to ask can a wife wear ladies shirts, ladies jeans, mini skirts, short clothes, any type of clothes that expose body parts and any type of clothes which are see through only to please her husband? only in front of her...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 12793/18/2021

    guidance residential re-financing
    Asalamualaikum, I have bought a house fromguidance residential can I do refinancing withguidance residential to change my plan form 30 years to 15 years and to lower the monthly payments? Jazak Allah
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 12784/14/2021

    Recouping Money from Contractor Who Didn't Finish the Work
    Asalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Meray house ke repairs kay liyaa labor say $5000 ke deal hoi aor $5000 kam khatam honay say pahlay pay kar dia, Labor takreban $3000 ka kam kar kay baag gaya. Ab meray pass labor kay kuch tools (aozar)...
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    HajjQue.ID 12763/18/2021

    Dear Shaykh Mufti Sahib,Assalamo alaikum! I wanted to ask you that I have been infested with the problem of body lice since June 2019. My clothes and bedding is totally infested with lice. Everywhere i go, these lice travel with me. They also...
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    Advice and ConsultingQue.ID 12753/18/2021

    Guidance for women for working
    Assalam alaikum, My sisters are almost done with their graduation. Just want to know as per sharia if they can work? If yes, which field they can work in if permissible and where they cannot? And guidence while working. please provide reference....
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    FastingQue.ID 12743/18/2021

    Voluntary Fasting
    Assalamu Alaikum Mufti Sahab I would like to fast on Mondays and thursdays . I usully check with my wife a day before fasting to see if she has anything else in mind. Some times she tells me not to fast because she dosnt feel like cooking or...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 12733/18/2021

    Interest received from Savings/CD Account to Poor
    Asak Mufti Saab, Currently i have a checking account with over $50K in it, i get minimum interest 0.1% in this account and i donate that money to poor in india. I dont have any option but to have checking account. As you know there is so much...
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    BeliefsQue.ID 12723/18/2021

    Maut kay baad
    Assalam Alaikum, kya maut kay baad koyi Rooh kisi say badla leysakti hai,ya marnay walay ka hamsaya tang karta hai marnay walay ki shakal iqtiyar karkay.
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    MiscellaneousQue.ID 12713/17/2021

    Use of intra uterine contraceptive device in shariah
    Assalamualaikum mufti.....I have 3 kids all of them by cesarean sections.....I want to know the permissibility of intrauterine contraceptive (copper T) to avoid unwanted pregnancies in future as tubectomy is not permissible in shariah