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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 3262/1/2019

    Marriage with a person working for a company related to the bank
    Assalaamualaikum, My sister gota proposal for a boy who is working in a company related to the bank. Everything is well and fine in that proposalbutthe only problemis that he is working in a company which is related to the bank. He is an...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 3242/14/2019

    Usage of thick textured cosmetics
    I want to ask about lipsticks that have very good texture such that they don't come out even after eating greasy food that of those lipsticks contain no animal fat but a little amount of alcohol, will it be Hala if I use them on my lips? I also...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 3232/14/2019

    Auto insurance Business
    Assalamualaikum, I live in Los Angeles. I have a query. Selling Auto Insurance is Halal or Haram in USA? Can I sell them as a Muslim? Thanks Jazakallahu Kairan
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    WorshipQue.ID 3222/14/2019

    Praying Sunnah in Fajr when Jamat has already started
    Assalamualaikum, If Imam has already started the Fard prayer in Fajr Salah, can one pray their 2 rakaat Sunnah, if coming late to Masjid, and then join Fard prayer with Imam?
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    WorshipQue.ID 3212/13/2019

    Eating after Fajr prayer on 2nd & 3rd day of Eid ul Adha
    Assalamualaikum, Per Sunnah one should not eat before Eid prayer and should eat from their qurbani on Eid ul Adha. What needs to be done on 2nd or 3rd day when one just offered the Eid prayer on 1st day but is performing the qurbani on 2nd or 3rd...
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    WorshipQue.ID 3202/13/2019

    Eating after Fajr prayer on Eid ul Adha
    Assalamualaikum, I know one of the sunnahs on Eid ul Adha is not to eat before leaving for Eid prayer and then eating with the qurbani one offers. But I have couple of questions: What is the ruling on eating after/around Fajr prayer on Eid ul...
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    MiscellaneousQue.ID 3192/13/2019

    zikr for fulfillment of wishes
    Assalamualikum ِI have a daughter age 12. I am very concerned for her height. Is there a zikr or duato read so that she attains good height. Please respond as I am really concerned about this. Jazakallaul khair
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    WorshipQue.ID 3182/2/2019

    Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding
    Asalaamualaikum, I have prolongedbleeding for the past 3-4 months. Though the blood stops flowing after 5-6 days, thespotting and slight brown dischargeremainfor 13 days. Please let me know with reference to Hadithas to when Ican start praying and...
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    MiscellaneousQue.ID 3172/13/2019

    Want to become Aalim
    Assalamualaikum, My name is Muhammad and I am 16 years old. I live in North Carolina. When I completed 7th grade in public school, I asked my parents to put me in full-time hifz program and they agreed. I started hifz at 13 and finished at 15...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 3152/1/2019

    Breastfeeding after 2 years
    Is it Haram to breastfeed a child after 2 years of age?